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Bristol-Myers yanked its Celgene bid days before deadline—and got a better price

On Dec. 10, Bristol-Myers Squibb made what it said was its final offer to acquire Celgene. But it turns out that wasn’t the case. It ended up scoring a better deal instead. Just days before a Jan. 2 deadline Bristol-Myers itself had set for wrapping up an agreement, the New Jersey drugmaker pulled that proposal—$ 57… Read More »

21 Days of Green Smoothies

Wednesday, December 26, 2018 At Kaia FIT Carson and Minden Raw Chef Debra started an End of the Year Green Smoothie Challenge. Every day she posts a new recipe as inspiration to the Kaia Girls to try new green smoothies.  We are almost at the end of the year but you can have your own… Read More »

Kids killed by virus in NJ center 'were in critical stage DAYS before they got to ER'

Why weren’t they treated sooner? Kids killed by virus in New Jersey pediatric center ‘were in critical stage DAYS before they got to the ER – but bosses delayed sending them to keep Medicaid funds flowing’, report claims 10 kids have died and 23 have been sickened by the adenovirus in Wanaque Center for Nursing… Read More »