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Few supplements have proven heart benefits

Few nutritional supplements can protect people from developing or dying from cardiovascular disease, and some may actually be harmful, a research review suggests. Researchers examined data from 277 trials with a total of almost one million participants to assess the effects of 16 different nutritional supplements and 8 dietary interventions on the risk of heart… Read More »

7 Top Tempeh Benefits

From better gut health to lower cholesterol levels, the potential tempeh benefits are endless. If you’re just getting started with plant-based eating, there’s a good chance you may not have tried tempeh, let alone even heard of it before. However, this delicious ingredient doubles as a versatile vegan food and a great source of protein,… Read More »

Oncologists say AI will offer benefits, but say it will take time

Oncologists are optimistic that artificial intelligence will ease administrative tasks while improving care quality and outcomes, according to results of a recent survey. Findings of the research, by Cardinal Health, have been published in Oncology Insights, a research-based report series analyzing the views of oncologists. More than half of the 180 oncologists queried for the… Read More »