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When doctors address bad reviews, patient satisfaction can double

As healthcare becomes more consumer-centric, online reviews carry added weight. Negative reviews on sites like Yelp and others can drive patients to other providers, hurting bottom lines and damaging provider/hospital reputations. But there’s something doctors can do about it: address the negative reviews. A new Patientpop survey of 839 patients found that patients like it… Read More »

Michael Bloomberg: Here Is $50 Million To Address The Opioid Crisis

Billionaire philanthropist Mike Bloomberg announced the $ 50 million investment on November 30, 2018, while speaking at the 2018 Bloomberg American Health Summit in Washington D.C. (Photo: Courtesy of Bloomberg Philanthropies)Bloomberg Philanthropies Here’s some positive news about the opioid crisis after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just released yet more bad news. First… Read More »